Monday, September 24, 2012


CONFESSIONS OF A NAIL-STRIPS ADDICT﹕ *raises hand* Yep, right here, that would be me.  I am IN LOVE with these.  I've tried them all: nail stickers only, non-nail polish ones, nail decals, real polish strips... and I have decided I really do love the nail polish strips.  The ones I'm sporting currently are the Sally Hansen Salon Effects ones in Houndstooth - one of my favorite patterns ever - and I'm on Day 3 now, with minimal tip wear and this stuff STICKS.  

I washed dishes, cooked, dyed my hair (RED) and look: my nails are STILL perfect.  Sally, I love your strips.  :D  

Konad'ing is too time consuming and I'm too lazy to do nail art... and these are a great alternative.  My nails are so small that one box lasts me 3 manicures.  The extras I simple use as an accent nail.  Voila!  

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